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AIM NA Webinar - Direct Part Marking Using Lasers in the Medical, Automotive, & Aerospace Industries

Direct part marking using lasers is the preferred method to implement permanent traceability of physical components. For several years already, the use of machine readable contents such as 2D codes are imposed by major government institutions; IUID to UDI to MDR. If you manufacture or process devices that require you to comply with any of these regulations, you may have faced challenges with the encoding technique to use, the need for verification, the marking quality on different materials as well as marking on different shapes and forms. By attending this webinar, we will share not only the solutions that address the challenges listed above but also how to reduce the effort and the cost behind laser marking, tracking and validating the marking of 2D codes.

Key take aways:
  • How to sort out the different encoding techniques used in 2D codes such as GS1 and HIBCC
  • Learn the preferred method for laser marking such as annealing or tempering
  • What laser technology is best adapted to the type of material being marked for durability and readability
  • Learn when to use validation versus a verification process, the benefits and the drawbacks
  • How to improve qualification processes such as OQ, PQ and MQ using widely available tools.

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