High potential fiber laser for
industrial part marking

High speed, high precision, high integration capability: FOBA‘s fiber lasers address most of today's and tomorrow's industrial product marking needs. Due to its innovative built-in flexibility, the modular Y-series offers tailored solutions and application-specific configuration.

FOBA‘s latest generation of fiber lasers for direct part marking offers highest flexibility, easy integration and optimal configuration for individual marking requirements: The new Y-Series includes 9 different fiber laser sources, spanning power and pulse width ranges on one modular platform. The vision system which is directly integrated in the marking unit, helps to reduce scrap drastically by providing markings in zero-defect quality and process reliability through imaging verification and validation steps before and after marking.

Y-Series: The answer to your needs

Your requirements:

  • Highest marking quality and precision 
  • Efficiency: High speed marking and lower defect rates 
  • Flexibility: Varying speed and quality requirements 
  • Easy integration in production systems and standalone workstations 
  • Process reliability and cost-effective production

Y-Series fiber laser offers:

  • The modular all-in-one system features a range of lasers, optics and marking fields, a patented vision system and standard customer interfaces
  • Parameter set for optimal configuration of marking speed and quality
  • High-Resolution Marking Field Calibration for accurate mark positioning and a substantial reduction of marking field distortions 
  • Vision-assisted marking process: for process stability, precision and less scrap through automatic optical verification and validation steps
Electrical signals for direct access to control and status functions:
customer interface
One fits all:
9 different fiber laser sources fitting in one housing
Fully integrated:
Vision inside
Adaptable to every application:
1 scan head, 4 optics, manyfold use cases
Now integrated:
Machine safety module
Flexible and adjustable:
Vision lighting
One fits all:
9 different fiber laser sources fitting in one housing

A modular system for various applications

Low-cost marking on certain foils, plastics and epoxies (e.g. electronic components)
Cost-efficient marking on most common materials including metals and most plastics
High contrast marking like black marking on aluminum
Marking on anodized aluminum
(white, grey, black marks) and high contrast marking on various metals (nickel alloys, steel,...)
Very dark, smooth-to-the- touch markings on various metals. Anneal marking on stainless steel (especially medical devices)

SMD strip,
color change on epoxy

Tachometer frames
by Fremach Morava, s.r.o.

Black marking on aluminum

Graded white, grey and black marks on anodized aluminum

Umbilical cord scissor with UDI code, anneal mark on stainless steel
Suitable fiber laser marking technology
Y.0050-cw, Y.0100-cw Y.0100, Y.0200, Y.0300, Y.0500 Y.0301 Y.0201 Y.0021
Continuous wave Yb fiber laser; 5W, 10W Pulsed Yb fiber laser; 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W Medium pulse Yb
fiber laser; 30W

Short pulse Yb fiber laser;
adjustable pulse width; 20W

Short pulse Yb fiber laser; 2W

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