UDI: Requirements, deadlines, secure labeling

The implementation of UDI marking requirements in due time is a high-priority issue, as FDA due-dates are approaching fast. But also manufacturers that do not (only) distribute their products on the American market will soon be obliged to comply with direct part marking requirements in Europe and other countries. 

FOBA's Medical Industry White Paper Unique Device Identification (UDI) provides a compehensive overview, based on the US-American FDA-standards:

+ composition and quality characteristics of a UDI mark

+ different product risk categories

+ time-schedule of implementation due dates

+ GUDID, the central UDI database, issuing agencies etc.

And we demonstrate, what are the benefits of vision-based laser marking for a safe and efficient implementation of UDI marking requirements.

Free download: FOBA's Medical Industry UDI White Paper 

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