Laser marking of silicone elastomers

A clean and efficient method for high contrast and durable marking.

Silicone elastomers feature a variety of advantageous material properties, making them suitable for applications in medical technology, as well as in the electrical, aircraft and automobile industries. The products manufactured from silicone in these industries generally require decorative and informative markings that are subject to high demands. Not every marking method is suitable for this purpose.  

HELP: More than laser marking

FOBA provides a process solution rather than a system solution for product marking. The three stage laser marking process HELP (Holistic Enhanced Laser Process) includes the part validation prior to marking and code verification after marking, and helps manufacturers to apply all traceability codes repeatedly and reliably. All that is required are a FOBA laser marking system with integrated FOBA vision technology.

Part validation, Pre-mark verification, automatic mark alignment

Laser marking

Mark verification, Optical Character Verification (OCV), code validation and code reading

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